Hot! Tangled World of Anodyne

Anodyne is one of dungeon crawlers performed in classical style and visuals. It is really atmospheric though the storyline is rather poor.

You will need approximately 7 hours to pass the game. The story is about a guy, Young, who travels along the mysterious and puzzling world to save a princess. Sometimes, you will get into his dreams. Unfortunately, you will probably be annoyed with lots of bats or frogs which you’ll have to hit for hours to kill. Besides, the plot is depressive somehow. For example, once Young meets a fisherman and their conversation provokes the death of a new acquaintance. Moreover, the narration, which first seems to be rather promising, turns to be extremely boring after few hours of playing. Sometimes, you begin to feel like it is a real nonsense.

As for battles, they are rather simple. You may move easily while hitting your enemy and generally will not face too much problems what can’t be said about various puzzles. Their base is jumping, and there so many of them that you begin feeling frustrated after lots of deaths in attempts to reach some location.

If you decide not to rush ahead but to explore every single corner of Anodyne’s world, you may try to gather all 50 collectable cards. They are necessary for opening new content which will help you to defeat the final and the strongest boss. Some of these cards will drop from weak bosses in dungeons while others will become a real headache as you’ll have to jump to almost unreachable locations to get them or to find a chest which is really unnoticeable on a location.

Despite several flaws, Anodyne will surely be enjoyed by fans of dungeon crawlers as it preserves all basic features of this genre.


  1. This is a game for those who grew up in Hyrule but spent more time in Lordran in recent years. Some finicky platforming also frustrates, but then Link didn’t get an auto-jump until Ocarina Of Time

  2. Above all, Anodyne never lets you forget that it’s a game more concerned with the journey than with the destination, and at 10 bucks, it’s a journey worth taking.

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