Hot! Nice Alien in Oozi: Earth Adventure

Oozi: Earth Adventure is a fun 2D platformer, however, it isn’t prominent among a large number of similar games. As for its advantages, the game has great visuals, and all its stages are nicely designed. At the same time, there are some control issues when a character jumps on walls and is in midair. On the whole, the game lacks originality at times.

The main character of the game is a yellow alien that has a lot in common with Meat Boy, Mario, and Sonic. Oozi, that’s his name, is quite a cheerful funny fellow. In addition, he is a very vulnerable personality and dies as soon as he gets some tiny scratches. He is stranded on Earth that is absolutely different from the present-day planet. It is an unfriendly dangerous place full of scary beings and traps. Oozi’s goal is to find all pieces of his gear and get back to his ship. At first glance, this mission seems very easy; however, it isn’t as simple as it looks like.

Oozi is able to jump and run from the very beginning of the game and gets more abilities when he finds some parts of his suit. There are a large number of various obstacles in the game, such as lasers, spikes, platforms, monsters, etc., which can be irritating rather than challenging at times as Oozi frequently dies. His health can be improved with the help of a large number of stars. However, game controls usually complicate the whole experience and, therefore, increase the number of character’s deaths.

To conclude, Oozi: Earth Adventure released by Awesome Games Studio is good enough, but there are a large number of similar games that aren’t worse than this one.


  1. Oozi does very little wrong, and it’s a title that remains manages to maintain enjoyability. While it may not have much to offer beyond its visuals, it’s a safe game. It’s a title that won’t leave you disappointed. Granted, it may not be a title you remember as vividly as say Super Meat Boy or I wanna Be The Guy, but it’s a loyal game that will entertain you for the time you play it.

  2. Awesome Games Studios wanted to create a fun, casual, goofy game and that’s what Oozi: Earth Adventure is. Despite issues with the controls and musical selection, there isn’t much wrong with it.

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